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Oriel Llanteglos Gallery

Up and coming Exhibitions

Bron Jones - Exhibition

Saturday 24th July 2021 to Friday 13th August 2021 - 11am

Inspired by the patterns, colours and textures of the Welsh countryside where she lives, Bron creates bright, vibrant abstract landscape paintings.


This passion is reflected in the use of bold, vibrant acrylic and oil pigments in her paintings. She combines these with expressive marks and tactile textures to evoke the feeling of wilderness.

Creating art that evokes that sense of place…


I have always been inspired and awed by the wonders of the natural world. How is it, that something as simple as the unfurling of a leaf, the sunlight filtering through seawater, or the wind scudding the clouds across the sky, can stop us in our tracks?

bron freedom found poster.jpg