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Oriel Llanteglos Gallery

"Celtic ConnectionExhibition"
by Bron Jones & Natalie Day

Saturday 6th April 2022 to Friday 29th April 2022 - 11am

“Two Celtic Artists, with their own vision and style, began virtual art collaborations through the pandemic.

                           They found a shared love of the ancient landscapes, joy, in sharing Art, friendship and  a true Celtic Connection.”

Bron Jones
Welsh Artist

Bron is a Carmarthenshire based artist, creating exciting, abstract landscapes that evoke the sense of wildness and raw beauty of the landscapes where she lives.

She works intuitively, bringing the spontaneity of nature into her creative process, to communicate the joy of the natural world and convey that sense of freedom the wild Welsh landscape brings

Tirwedd 18 no frame mixed media on paper 16x25cm 30x40 framed £270.JPG
onthecliffsporthgain - natalie.png
Natalie Day
Cornish Artist

Natalie lives in Cornwall, interpreting the landscape through shape, colour and material, to tell the story of the land.


Her multi-viewpoint paintings, seek to express the mystery of the ancient landscapes, where remnants of industry are being reclaimed by nature.


The rich layers and textures, revealing hidden gems for the viewer to discover