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Wild Hare in  Church Meadow Low Def..jpg

Colin Horsman - Photography

Colin Horsman's Wildflower Meadow Photographs are a collection of close detailed colour photographs taken inside an ancient stone walled Churchyard over the four seasons of the year.

These include groups and detail of Orange Hawkweed and Bluebell in the Spring, followed by Vetchling, Purple Knapweed, Clover and Yellow Rattle during Summer culminating in the Autumn seeding period including large giant and small tiny fungi growing on old tree stumps and amongst the grasses across area of the meadow before the onset of frost and snow of Winter.

This is supported by broad landscape studies of surrounding fields and mountains as viewed from the Wildflower Meadow including sweeping views of Black Mountain and close studies of trees, hedges and sky of this unique landscape in the Brecon Beacons National Park.