Oriel Llanteglos Gallery

Nick Pritchard - Exhibition
Saturday 16th October 2021 to Friday 11th November
2021 - 11am

"My paintings are inspired by my local area and the wider ranging landscape of South Wales. Fortunate to live in an area with such diverse and beautiful landscape,


I feel compelled to capture the colours, shapes and textures of the landscape, and in doing so, I hope to capture a sense of place, something that is special and unique to the moment.


I am particularly interested in textures, the application and manipulation of paint and how this can build into representation." - Nick Pritchard

Calm sea just before sunset - © Nick Pritchard.jpg
A copper sunset - © Nick Pritchard.jpg

"A Copper Sunset"

"A Copper Sunset" by Nick Pritchard

Framed Acrylic


Wisemans bridge © Nick Pritchard.jpg

"Wiseman's Bridge"

Stormy day. Rock pools at Manorbier Beach - © Nick Pritchard.jpg

"Stormy Day Rock Pools at Manorbier"

"Wiseman's Bridge" by Nick Pritchard

Framed Acrylic

"Stormy Day Rock Pools at Manorbier by

Nick Pritchard

Framed Acrylic



Charlene Hopkins - Exhibition
Saturday 12th November  2021 to Friday 3rdDecember
2021 - 11am


"Heroes and their Friends"

"Heroes and their Friends"

by Charlene Hopkins

Framed Acrylic


"Daddy's Girl"


"Last Orders"

"Daddy's Girl by Charlene Hopkins

Framed Acrylic

"Last Orders by Charlene Hopkins

Framed Watercolour