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Oriel Llanteglos Gallery

2022 Exhibition List

"Alison Bradley
Welsh Artist - Exhibition"

Saturday 4th June 2022 to Friday 1st July 2022 - opening 11am


Alison Bradley

Alison predominantly paints in oil on canvas or board. She enjoys sketching from life using oil paint in a direct technique, and combines these with reference photographs and memories about the scene into a larger piece in the studio, sometimes building several layers of paint over days or weeks. She also regularly draws with charcoal as the medium lends itself to expressing atmosphere.


Alison finds inspiration in the varied landscape of North Wales, the Lake District, Yorkshire, and Chester along with the people who live and work in the countryside and their animals.


Welsh Landscape Artist 


"Alison Bradley"
Saturday 4th June 2022
- 2nd  July 2022 - 11am

"Jantien Powell"
Date to be Confirmed