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Oriel Llanteglos Gallery

Janette Roberts - Exhibition
Saturday 18thSeptember 2021 to Friday 9th October
2021 - 11am




"Some people, or should I say many people, say that I over-react.  Maybe, on reflection, I do.  Maybe its part of my persona, a trait even, accelerated in all probability by our current climate.


For me painting and creativity crush and defeat any anxious or negative feelings and theses paintings came into being as a reaction to my over-reaction. They are of what I know and they have no deep meanings, no point to make, no opinion and no story-line. Deliberately so.I paint selfishly for my own enjoyment and peace of mind.


They are inconsequential images with no big tale to tell. But that presupposition has changed.I became enlightened by the fact that these paintings mattered in different ways to different people. They triggered a captured memory or moment in their lives. Meaning nothing to the next person, nor I, but of importance to them. What was narcotic to me was to others a stimulating recollection and above all meaning.

These prosaic and lowly scenes do have stories to tell through so many people and they belong exclusively to the viewer . There is entity in all paintings after all."- Janette Roberts