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John McKinstry

"I am a Cornwall based Artist and I have been painting the landscape for as long as I remember. It is something I just can’t imagine not doing, and like most Landscape artists I try to capture those parts of it that most inspire. For me that is solitary cottages, small hamlets and harbours clinging to the coast, or moorland farms stark against imposing skies, these are the places that stir in me the emotions I need to feel while I paint and which I hope I manage to occasionally reflect on my canvas.

I have worked in various forms of Horticulture for over 30 years and in various parts of the country and enjoyed it immensely but in 2013 I had the opportunity to fulfil a life long dream and become a full time Landscape artist, signing with the UK’s leading Art publisher Demontfort Fine Art, supplying galleries right across the UK and also Internationally with my unique style of calming art, during which time I was rather busy selling over 750 Original paintings as well as building a world wide collectors base. " - John Mckinstry

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