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Karl Davies

I was born in 1971 in Newport, South Wales. I studied for a BA in Painting at Cheltenham. I then undertook teacher training in Cardiff at UWIC, where I gained a PGCE in Art & Design.

I finished my BA at Cheltenham in 1995 and began painting seriously again in 2004.

Back then I used digital photography to explore composition and at the same time rediscovered the joy of using paint. It was the first time I had used landscape as the main theme for my work.

I use a mixture of deliberate and intuitive brush marks in each composition and now prepare numerous sketches before beginning a painting.

Recently I have begun to explore more complicated

compositions. They include architecture and figures and I aim to capture atmospheres and the seasons.

The subject of Wales, its history and people is proving to be an inexhaustible and rich resource for me.

I am aware that my paintings are now held in private collections in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and the USA.