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Neil Mason

Porcelain and Bronze Sculpture

Born in Wales, now based near Llandeilo West Wales, Neil displayed an early natural talent for modelling, gravitating to wildlife. However, pursuing a career in mental healthcare, serving both as a clinician and senior manager, it wasn’t until around 2009 he felt compelled to sculpt. Subsequently his sculptures attracted multiple awards, including winning the sculpture category at The David Shepherd Foundation, Wildlife Artist of The Year, and he is an Honorary Fellow at The Wildlife Art Society International. His work can be found exhibited in Wales, England, Italy and Greece. 

Fascinated with wildlife and its biodiversity, Neil the uses the Mesopotamian cultural inception of cuneiform writing as a device to analog our imperative to transform and adapt. Where pictographic animal illustrations on clay tablets - used as a means of communication - transitioned into abstract forms as cuneiform characters to form word-concepts. 


Neil imagines cuneiform tablets as moulds, employing the characters (negative voids) to cast positive triangular versions. These characters are assembled as recognisable animal representations on the cusp of segmenting into cuneiform characters. His sculptures encapsulate this transformative-adaptation as it grasps contemporary expression.

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