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RWA -168 Annual Open Exhibition Prize Winners.

Updated: May 24

One of our gallery Artists, Jacqueline Alkema, has won the Second Academy Prize in this year's Royal West of England Academy Exhibition. Well done Jacqueline.

"The Second Academy prize went to Jacqueline Alkema for Flower Series "Oleander". A young woman compressed into a small space stares out uncompromisingly. Her white dress and the flower reference the portrayal of woman as object and historical representations of female confrontation of the male gaze. The freedom and control in the handling of media and surface were impressive. "

Jacqueline Alkema -Flower Series "Oleander"

Find Jacqueline Alkema's work on show in our Gallery here:

The paintings that we have on show from Jacqueline's "Flower Series" are representative of our current pandemic. The Portraits show the dark and light side of life and the flowers painted on the dresses are poisonous, representing Covid-19.


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