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Oriel Llanteglos Gallery
Llanteglos Esates

West Wales
SA67 8PU
Telephone: 01834831268


Welcome to Oriel Llanteglos Gallery. 

We were up until last July situated on the Llanteglos Estates but are now operating online only.

The Gallery's aim when we opened was to showcase local Pembrokeshire artists and artists from around Wales, bringing you Welsh Art inclusive of 

Paintings, Ceramics, Sculpture and Creativity.

We will be showcasing both established and emerging Artists, as at some point, every established Artist was once an emerging one.

Now that we are no longer a physical gallery, we are no longer limited to the space that we have.  We are now aiming to grow our artists network to include artists beyond Wales, building a Welsh, National and International network.

Our online gallery has an ecommerce shop where you can purchase any of our art and it will be delivered to your home.  If you are in any way disatisfied with it, you can return it and receive a refund or an alternative piece of Art.

Journey - Why did I choose to open a Gallery in such a rural location?

When I was looking for a venue for the Gallery, I didn't want it to be on the High Street.  I wanted to create a space where people could come to feel relaxed.  Art evokes emotions, usually good emotions.  When we visit a beautiful beach on the Welsh coastline, or anywhere else, we feel a sense of peace, of belonging,  it evokes good emotions.  When we eat amazing food, it creates a feel good emotion.  When we look at a piece of Art that touches us, it evokes a feel good emotion.

All around us, especially during the current crisis, there is so much negativity, so much going wrong.  This past few years our emotions have been blasted with uncertainty, the lack of interaction with others, the restrictions, we have all felt the impact in one way or another.

During this time, the artists went within and created.  This time we have had with limitations, has had a positive impact, in that we have all reflected on how we are living our lives.

The people that surround us are now more important than ever.  Our environments have now become central to our existence, not just a place to go home to after work.  The little things that make us feel good, have now become magnified.  A piece of Art that can transport you to another place and give you a sense of something else, has now become a treasure!

My background

By profession I am an IT Lecturer.  I worked for many years teaching IT and following this worked with children who were on the spectrum and excluded from full time education, and also as a specialist ALN mentor at the University of Wales.

Many years ago, I started studying the history of Welsh ceramics, the Swansea potteries and Nantgarw Porcelain.  The Chinese impact on the development of Porcelain and the class impact that this had on society during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The Swansea potteries had a huge impact on the development of Swansea as a city.

I became fascinated with Ceramics and how its development changed society.  How the King of France bankrupted France by buying up all of the Meissen porcelain factory, and how people of any class,  wouldn't dream of inviting anyone to tea if they didn't own a porcelain tea set. 

I have previously run a Gallery, and during the 7/8 years that I was there I found my taste in Art evolved.   A group of artists can paint the same subject, but each painting will be different, in as much as the sense of who the artist is comes through on the canvas, and therefore each one is unique to them.

Denise Vickery

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